Catching Big Bluegills takes a little work and a equal amount of luck. We do a lot of research
in hunting out the lakes that have Big Bluegills and access to them. I do not give out the name
of these big bluegill waters or their location. The reason that these lakes contain big bluegill is
because they are not heavy fished. We toss the majority of these big bluegills back so that other
fishermen can enjoy catching a big bluegill and hopefully return them to substain the Gene Pool.
It sure would be nice if our grandchildren will have better fishing than we do now.

My 11.25 inch Bluegill and it's replica on the right  1.66 Pounds.

11 inches and Released

Another Released 11 incher

Jan with a 11 inch Bluegill - Released

Dale and his 10.5 inch Bluegill - Released

Paul and his 11 inch Bluegill - Released

Rocky and his 10.5 inch Bluegill - Released

Donna and her 11 inch Bluegill - Released